don’t mind me, I’m knitting.

…marc is due home in the morning from a ten day trip to asia. the day he left I had grand plans for finishing projects (my december journal, 2012’s first one little word prompt, maybe even a photobook from our mexico trip and certainly I’d get my yarn room organized and my photo album updated), starting a few (a birthday gift for katie’s mother-in-law-to-be and the two charity hats I hope to have finished before the month ends), getting the last of the holidays swept away and generally being in a great place to start the new year.

ten days later I haven’t finished any of those projects, but I did make a good start on this year’s one little word prompt. I watched an entire season of downton abbey while I finished a shawl…and I started five new knitting projects – two for shop KALs, one charity hat, that birthday gift and one maggiknits…and today, I couldn’t help myself.

I started one more.
62:365 smitten.
seriously, I’m smitten with the new shibui heichi yarn – it’s a rustic silk. gorgeous colors. worsted weight (it knits up pretty quickly) and the patterns in this book are stunning. I want to knit the entire book in those four colors – plus another medium brown I’ve asked theresa to order. all before summer hits.

(I might need help!)


  • Kym

    Whenever Tom makes an Asia trip, I always have Grand Plans for what I will accomplish in his absence. It never happens! (I usually get sidetracked. Often by yarn.)

    I can see why you're smitten!

  • Carole Knits

    Dale doesn't travel for work but he used to go to Maine for a 2 week hunting trip every year and I always had grand plans, too! One year I redid the dining room wallpaper when he was gone and another year I redid all the closets in the house – don't be too impressed by that one as we only have 3. I think it's because the kids were younger and I couldn't just sit and knit. If he went away now that's probably just what I would do! I love the colors for your new project.

  • Anonymous

    Busy! It's all very pretty though! Can't wait to see everything you've been working on in person 🙂 xo

  • KatMcD

    I won't be knitting as speedily as you, but I did buy the book today. All of the patterns look like casual, classic pieces. I would love to sit and knit with you.

  • Unknown

    Love the patterns and the yarn Classic styling, beautiful colors. Would love to get the pattern book, do you carry it at the store?

    All the best,