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10 favorite soups.

carole’s prompt for this week is perfect for the chilly rainy weather we’re having – I can’t wait to see what everyone suggests. I’m always looking for a new soup recipe!

this is #5 below

1. split pea soup. a sara specialty. and since it’s all vegetables, it’s healthy.

2. rosemary white bean soup. another sara specialty. (I miss her cooking already!)

3. chickpea soup with tomato concasse. sara and I took a cooking class a few years back and this was one of the featured recipes. sadly, we misplaced our notes from the class, but sara’s been able, pretty much anyway, to recreate it. the class also featured a savory rosemary walnut biscotti, which is, I think, the perfect accompaniment.

4. tomato soup. I’m not a fan of cream, and this one from ina garten (without the topping) uses bread as a thickener. it’s especially good in the winter with a toasted cheese sandwich (a hearty multi-grain bread and an aged cheddar or gruyere with just a bit of dijon mustard…oh my is it really only 6:00am?)

5. pioneer woman’s tuscan bean soup, as lightened by sara. (I’ll be posting about this soon).

6. white chicken chili. no recipe to share, but I like it with plenty of beans, green chilis and a spoonful of greek yogurt.

7. gumbo. marc is great at throwing together a pot of turkey sausage, frozen vegetables (okra is a must for gumbo) and tony chachere’s creole roux mix.

8. butternut squash soup. roasted squash (or even a mix of roasted vegetables if you happen to have a huge container of leftovers at thanksgiving), pureed, thinned with vegetable stock. heat and serve.

9. gazpacho. when it’s warmer.

10. corn and seafood chowder. I haven’t made this in years, but every now and then, I’ll be tempted and order it out. especially if the seafood is crab or rock shrimp.

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