Just Life

tuesday unwrapped.

…as much as I love letting these tuesday posts be completely spontaneous, I was a bit worried driving home from work at 5:30 that I had nothing in mind. the only photos I’d taken today were of a new trunk show at the shop (a blog post there coming tomorrow). I was thinking something along the lines of welcome home – I turned on the porch light and the tree lights (and turned up the heat 🙂 – and took holly out for a walk.

and then the moment hit me. that walk. the simply company of my best four-legged friend. the routine. the 30 minutes to unwind* (even better when it’s not cold outside). love love need this time.
27:365 evening walk.

especially this time of year when it’s accompanied by snowmen aglow.
snowmen aglow

*if you’re familiar with myers-briggs, I am a committed “I” type (INTJ to be exact). working in a yarn shop for six straight hours every tuesday drains nearly every bit of energy I have. this walk with holly recharges me.