Just Life


self portrait. november.

listening – pandora’s christmas station.

eating – thanksgiving leftovers; we didn’t cook as much as we usually do, and sara took a shopping bag full back to school…but it still seems like we’ll be eating this for another week.

drinking – pomegranate tea (from vanessa, for my birthday…love it!)

wearing – my uggs. first time this season. not sure how I feel about that!

reading – extremely loud and incredibly close…on my new kindle (woo hoo – thank you katie & sara!); the movie comes out christmas day and because I loved the book when I first read it, I felt I needed to re-read to be ready for the movie.

weather – the temperature dropped from the 60’s to the low 40’s today…and snow is forecast for tomorrow. yikes!

knitting – the collar on my vodka gimlet (aka “grey goose“) – finally, the end is in sight. I started this sweater when it was summer and now it’s going to snow!

wanting – to prep the pages for my december daily album (wow, this will be my 5th year of a daily journal!), but my scrapbook.com order hasn’t arrived yet.

needing – to update my to-do list for everything I need to get done in the next three weeks.

enjoying – my house decorated for christmas. new this year is a little tree (seen in the background above) for my collection of bird ornaments.

looking forward – to both girls coming home on december 16th.

wondering – if my christmas knitting will really go better this year…I’ve planned, and I’ve tried to be realistic, but really, who knows??!!


  • Sara

    I can't believe you've only now started to wear your uggs – I broke mine out in september!

    i knew you'd get hooked on the pandora christmas station, it's the best!

  • Honoré

    Appreciating…your list
    Thinking…several items could be on my list
    Wondering…if I'll get to them this week – jury duty ;-(
    Not Believing …snow!! So soon. Oh wow!

    Enjoy your Kindle.

  • Kym

    I love the photo! What a busy time of year — enjoy every little thing. (My son comes home on the 16th, too — but I'll be missing my daughter for Christmas this year.)

  • Lydia

    i too need to sort my "to do" list out for the next few weeks, and now i've added looking at a puppy on sunday! need to also get on board with the pandora thing.

  • Anonymous

    Love all this! Snow?! Take pictures! And that tree looks so big! Maybe it's just the perspective of the photo xo