focus friday. a finished project.

…knitting has been good to me this week. as in I finished a project, have another done except for 38 stitches to graft (coffee work tomorrow morning!) and we got a gorgeous shipment of madelinetosh, including madtosh light, in the shop today. and I got to spend nearly all day yesterday and today knitting with friends (and even captured one of those times with a photo – thanks, karen!)

the finished project is creature comforts, the current project crush at the shop (or maybe it was really a knit along, I’m not sure). several of my students are knitting it, too; and really, the knitting along was one of my favorite parts of this project. until I finished it, and put it on, and peeked at the back in my bathroom mirror. truly, the best part about this one is wearing it!

creature comforts cardi. finished.
thank you, sharon, for taking the photo – and the suggestion to hold my arms out đŸ™‚

now that it’s done and I’ve worn it, I’ll admit I was a bit worried about a few things. the seams, having it fall off my shoulders, or just plain fit weird. but really, none of those worries came to be. and I love the finished piece. I did make a few modifications and they’re documented on my ravelry project page.

creature comforts cardi. finished.
a view from the front (note to self, next time smile at the camera!)

more on the nearly finished project and what I’m going to knit with the madtosh light later this weekend…