Just Life

make a wish.

…celebrating birthdays is maybe the best kind of party I can think of. seriously. (and typing this, I wish I had a birthday tag in addition to celebrate – ok, done!) a wedding is also super-special but most of us hope for just one of those…and the celebration can be fleeting (or in this case a very long time ago!). but a birthday. it comes around once a year. God willing.

and we get those milestone suggestions for the decades. I count myself among the fortunate that I have celebrated milestone birthdays with my friends and family for ages 30 (pre-blog!), 40, 50, 60 (ditto), 70 and 80. I’ve also enjoyed many many “off-milestone” celebrations (including the latest for holly)  and it makes me think I just like birthdays. it’s true. I do.

my friend Pat celebrated a birthday earlier this month and we gathered today to wish her well.

with plenty of cake and candles and friends (to sing happy birthday…or tell stories about who dated whom way back when…just sayin’, it was all good!)

a surprise skype visit with karen who just move to shanghai.

make a wish, Pat. I hope it comes true!