10 sweaters to knit.

Carole’s prompt for this week – “10 things you want to knit this fall/winter” arrived (promptly!) in my inbox at 11:00 am yesterday. and I’m posting this at nearly 9:00 pm today because it’s taken me 36 hours to narrow down the list! This morning I decided to include only sweaters. and then I spent the rest of the time deciding which ones would make the cut.

yep, only two sweaters in my ravelry queue today!

Ravelry has a terrific queue function, but I’ve found that using it for long-term planning (wow, I’m not sure that January – five months from now! – should be long-term planning…but for my knitting, it is!) is useless. Because there are so many patterns coming out so fast…and I really want to stay abreast of my seamless sweater students…. long-term planning leads to hibernating projects.

So, deciding which ten sweaters I’d knit next was a challenge. The first two are started so they’re a done deal. and #4 is a promised gift (#6 in my queue above), so it stays…and I have to say, I’d fight hard to keep all of them on the list. We’ll see*!

1. grey goose – started last week; separated for the sleeves today and I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll have this one finished before autumn officially begins, but I won’t wear it til the temperatures dip below 60 degrees…hence…autumn!
2. autumn breeze – started last week and separated for the sleeves yesterday…but even cautious optimism says this won’t be done before october.
3. creature comforts – I’ve loved the back of this one since it was released, but the pattern photos weren’t that flattering; now there are some lovely FO’s, along with some very helpful tips and we have some great worsted weight yarns in the shop. this will be the next sweater I cast on!
4. cardiff coat – a birthday gift for Katie (this will be the first sweater I’ve knit for her and since she lives in LA, might be just the push I need to purchase a dressmakers model!)
5. something from rosy days – I purchased the ebook of patterns. I love her designs. I want to knit one.
6. something from little red in the city – ditto (except I have the actual book too).
7. irish coffee – I queued this one last year and removed it to make room for all the other sweaters I could knit and wear right away. and then a whole bunch of other things came in the way. but I still want to knit this!
8. contented cardi – a recent love. hannah’s patterns fit and they’re fun to make. and the suggested worsted weight alpaca provides plenty of yarn options.
9. bryn mawr skirt – yeah, a skirt – sort of like a sweater for my bottom half?! I have debbie bliss chunky tweed in a gorgeous brown. skirt from stash. must knit!
10. one more sweater from stash – I have sweater quantities of sheep shop 3, malabrigo chunky, cocoon and malabrigo worsted. right now, I’m thinking the diamond lace pullover, but welcome suggestions!

*Of course, even as I type this post, I’m imagining all the tempting patterns I haven’t yet seen…and wondering which one of them will sidetrack this list. and saying now that I hope I have the willpower to stick it out…

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  • Honoré

    I love them all and especially "creature comfort". Not only is the back dramatic but I also like the design and drape of the sweater. Really looking fwd to seeing it on you.

    Best get those needles clicking…60 degrees is knocking on the door rather loudly ;-)).


  • Kym

    Oh. Now you've done it. I hadn't seen the Bryn Mawr skirt before… I love all the sweaters in your list. Must. Knit. Faster.

    (I have stopped using the Ravelry queue feature because it just doesn't work for me. It became not a queue — but a list of my "super favorites.")

  • martha

    I agree with Honore! Love the contented cardi. I know you'll crank these sweaters out. You have an eye for great patterns…so it's no wonder that we follow your lead.

  • Lydia

    my ravelry queue has become a wish list. there are so many great patterns out there now compared to when knitting was primarily 2 large squares and 2 rectangles and somehow that became a sweater. i'm really looking forward to coastal knits.

  • Anonymous

    I have admired the comfort cardi since it was released and have had the same hesitations. To be honest, i was hoping/waiting to see if you would knit it! I always trust your decisions. Love the list.

  • Beth

    I have a dressmakers model that you can borrow. It's old because it was Steve's grandma's but it works. (I forget when Katie's birthday is – when will you need the model if you use it? The drama group may be borrowing it for The Pajama Game.)