focus friday. interesting knitting.

…at the shop, I have a bit of a reputation for knitting top-down (raglan) sweaters. I’m sure I’ve earned it (or maybe not? only six of the 10 sweaters I’ve made this year are top-down raglans?)

but the truth is that I like to knit seamless, not just top-down sweaters. and it’s not so much that I won’t seam as that I won’t seem just because the designer chose to work in pieces! I sewed shoulders on liesl and lolita and underarms on ginger, for example.

and yesterday, after I blocked the body of wispy,
wispy progress

I sewed sleeve seams.
wispy progress

so I now have a very weird looking shrug, ready to pickup hundreds (surely I exaggerate, but I’m trying to get myself ready for it!) of stitches around the inside edge to knit a few inches of ribbing, and then a sort of skirt on the bottom edge.

hannah’s construction technique is the main reason I wanted to knit this sweater. it’s just interesting! (and finding this FO on ravelry…I had a skein of misti alpaca handpaint lace in my stash – mine is the lavender blue colorway)

the next two sweaters in my queue aren’t top-down raglans either. the spoked cardigan (another carol feller design) is knit side to side and cria (my first little red pattern) is top-down, but not a raglan.

what new or interesting construction techniques are intriguing you right now?


  • Lydia

    this pattern for sure-have never done anything like this before. i want to improve my seaming, so i'm sure there will be a few more of those in my queue. thanks for posting the photos, i was really clueless about what she was talking about!

  • Honoré

    The JALI sweater I'm knitting these days – hum, let's just say it's on my needles – is an all-in- one: both fronts and back are knit in each row. Nice concept and new to me…my biggest challenge is making sure I don't +/- stitches, so easy to do…
    Fascinated with the sweater you're doing and I'm sure it'll be spectacular.

  • Laurie (Moo!)

    I'm going to live vicariously thru you and your wonderful techniques!
    I'm working on semi-mindless things and those are making me pretty happy, lately. Top down is pretty darned fun, tho.