raveled here

…finished. this is my fifth time knitting a babycocktails design and the love affair continues! of course it doesn’t hurt that this was also my first time knitting a sweater with the fabulous sublime cashmere silk merino dk (not that I’d ever really do it, but I think even knitting a sweater in pieces would be good knitting with this yarn!)

I was a bit concerned about the pattern’s suggested ease – yikes +2″? (to the very few non-knitters who might read this, it means the sweater is 2″ bigger than my bust measurement). the last time I tried this it was a disaster.  so most of my sweaters have negative ease (the sweater is smaller than my bust measurement). I compromised and planned +1-2″ and I’m glad I trusted thea. it’s perfect. and it feels just right.

of course the perfect buttons help, too. can you see how pretty these are? (click on the photo to enlarge) I’ve had my eye on these since they arrived in the shop a few weeks ago. I did use a small backing button when I sewed them on. no worries about the buttons pulling through the fabric and they weigh down the collar edges just enough so they stay put.

5 stars out of 5 for sure!

(and no, I haven’t cast on another sweater, but I did swatch for this one!)