Just Life


listening: joy the baker podcasts – I’ve been reading her blog for months and the podcast adds a whole new dimension to it (I’ve also started reading shutterbean, a nice mix of cooking and other things…and it’s ok if they make me feel really old, right?!)
eating: carrots and cucumber
drinking: water (I was hoping for coffee, but the pot was empty and it’s too late in the day to make more)
wearing: a skirt and a t-shirt – kind of casual for me on a monday (I teach class monday nights) but oh well
feeling: a great sense of accomplishment – today is housecleaning day and it’s DONE!
weather: 82 degrees at 3pm with thunderstorms in the area

wanting: one of these really bright lights so I can work on my needlepoint at the kitchen table (do you have one? which one do you recommend?)
needing: new running shoes. yikes. I’ve had my current pair ten months and my knees can feel it (especially now that I’m running a little)
looking forward: spa sydell on thursday afternoon

wondering: how empty the house will feel in four weeks when sara’s back at school


  • Patty

    Ah missing my boy as he's working in Denver all summer. Looking forward to the two weeks in August before he's off for year two himself!

  • Lydia

    the ott lite is great-joann's and michaels both carry them. i love having my house cleaning finished before the weekend. i might consider new shoes for the same reason-

  • Suzanne

    I have a floor stand Ott light and it made such a difference in my needlepoint…it has a flexible arm and I got it at JoAnns – they run half price ads on them pretty often. love your blog. Happy Stitching!