Just Life

remembering hilton head.

…yay! photos from our trip to hilton head to visit our dear friends sue and david are done!

click the image to see all the photos and details on flickr

we had a wonderful time…of course the company (and the food!) was wonderful, but it was also fun to visit when the weather was nice (our last two trips were during the winter and while winter in hilton head is not quite “winter”, it’s still not swimsuit fun!)

here’s my short list of the things I want to remember:

♥ sara & I shared the driving; I LOVE being able to knit in the car (and I’m really proud of how great a driver she is!)
♥ I hadn’t seen sue since january 2010, but it was like we just saw each other a few weeks ago. our friendship is a real blessing in my life.
♥ sue & david aren’t “dog people”, but they love holly! (the feeling is mutual I think)
♥ long walks with sue & holly…even though I had to carry holly for part of each.
♥ holly’s reaction to the ocean. I don’t know why I thought she’d love it (maybe because I do?!), but she is not a fan. it’s like one very very big puddle I guess and she made sure to keep me between her and the water.
♥ the food (of course). it was all delicious. I am happy to add CQ’s, the santa fe cafe and hilton head diner to my list of restaurant recommendations (truffles was already there from a previous trip).
♥ the drinks (of course). gin & tonics are simply better shared on a patio with friends. and I have a new summer favorite wine. picpoul de pinet. david sent me home with two bottles and I’m hoping I can find it locally.
♥ sharing the trip with sara. she is fun company and a polite houseguest. I feel so fortunate that my girls are friends with my friends.