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10 things I love about the 4th of july.

july 4, 2009 – katie & I had a picnic in central park

1. a day to celebrate our heritage of freedom with pride and patriotism – I especially love seeing our national flag flying everywhere.

2. fireworks. I used to like to see them in person, but now I’m just as happy watching on tv, along with the capitol 4th or boston pops. some years I fall asleep before they even start, but this year I’m going to dvr them!

3. sparklers. (and photos of sparkler words)

4. parades.

5. picnics. there’s something about meal eaten on a blanket spread on the grass in the shade of a big tree that screams “summer”.

6. watermelon.

7. lemonade. (spiked for the grown-ups 🙂

8. flag cake.

9. cheering the peachtree road race participants, especially my sister-in-law lydia.

10. red, white and blue. not my favorite color combination, but for one day, they look fabulous together! this year, I’m planning jeans, a white t-shirt and my one red shawl.

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