focus on knitting.

…this was supposed to be a focus friday update, but blogger had all kinds of issues, and then on saturday, the back of zola, which was going so well

became this

the cast-on cottage ballwinder made quick work of my 10 days of knitting!

and now it’s this

cocoknits liesl, just begun

honestly, I made the decision to frog the zola because I really wanted to knit liesl instead (I have never unraveled an in-process sweater, especially one that was nearly half done!, to knit it into something else…and I doubt I’ll make a habit of it, but I feel good about making use of yarn I already had!), but now that I’ve swatched for liesl, including the very important steps of laundering the swatch and drying it, I realize zola would’ve been way too small – the yarn shrinks a LOT.

the braided hood tunic I started while watching the wedding is coming along nicely. it’s a nice balance to all the stockinette in liesl (formerly zola :-).

so…once again I find myself trying to knit two sweaters at once (last time it was cassis and once in a blue moon). and realizing once again that I have only so much knitting time and if I spread it across two projects, I make no slow progress. last time, I intentionally set one of sweaters aside to finish the other. this time, I’m going to try knitting intentionally on both. the liesl “socially” and the tunic at home. my goal is to finish one before memorial day so I can start a new project when we’re in dillard. I have a whole weekend between now and then and it seems doable. if I stay focused.

because come june, I’m starting this. to knit along with my sunday sweater class who love this design as much as I do.  keeping up with – let alone staying ahead of! – my sweater students is becoming a challenge!

heidi kirrmaier’s vitamin d