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debbie macomber book signing.

sharon, debbie, me, sylvia (love that sylvia wore her beautiful february lady sweater – the one she knit in a class I taught last year…that’s when we met 🙂

…tuesday night, I attended a book signing for one of my new-favorite authors, debbie macomber (pronounced so it rhymes with “cucumber”). sharon introduced debbie’s books to me in january when she gave me a copy of twenty wishes and told me I must read it. I did, and completely enjoyed it – a well-told story, characters I could relate to (and even love!), and even a bit of knitting – what’s not to love about that?!

so I was really excited to have an opportunity to see debbie in person. sharon made the reservations – and obtained copies  of debbie’s latest book – we were all set!  before the signing, debbie spoke for about 20 minutes…about her start as a writer – it took FIVE years for her to sell her first book (nearly 30 years ago) – and her calling to write. I love that she is just as funny and smart and moving in person as the stories she writes. and oh my she’s prolific too! she writes two and a half books a year. sharon thinks she’s probably published over sixty books. I’m looking forward to reading all of them. but I’m going to start with the blossom street series. twenty wishes is part of that and now that I know a bit about those characters, I want to know everything!

here’s the inscription debbie wrote in my book. I love the 2 timothy reference. it really seems like debbie’s life mantra. and a good one for me, too!