Just Life


mother’s day flowers from sara

listening: the whirr of the fan blades and the ticking of the clock (but in my car, I’m all about the age of innocence)

eating: pretzels, cashews and almonds – my go-to early evening snack

drinking: columbia crest two vines vineyard 10 white wine (I’ve also tried their chardonnay…sadly I don’t think it’s as good…)

wearing: white t-shirt, blue skirt, sandals, and ishbel

feeling: stressed about being three lessons behind in kim k’s photoshop essentials class

weather: 90 degrees and blue skies – trying very hard to not complain that it’s hot (but it’s hot!)

wanting: to get the containers on my deck and porch re-planted for summer

needing: a to-do list application for my iphone & mac; I abandoned the paper calendar a few weeks ago and now I don’t have a place for those paper to-do lists!

thinking: about my big picture. it doesn’t feel “right” yet

enjoying: a new morning routine now that sara’s home (and working!) – the tv is on from 6:30 – 8:00 am, which means news, the today show…and knitting!

wondering: what knitting project I should take to dillard (this time I’m planning to take something new!)

*inspired by http://lifelovepaper.typepad.com/just_a_girl_who_likes_pap/


  • Anonymous

    i will never give up my paper lists! your ishbel is lovely, but i had to look twice-your hair is much longer in the photo (duh, 2007). i like the two vines chard; will have to try the 10 white.

  • Beth

    I was going to tell you about toodledo because Carole recommended it to me when I got my phone. I do like it but sadly don't use it as much as I did when I first got my phone. It was working really well for me when I selected tasks and printed them out in a list. Then I had the best of both worlds. Guess I've reverted back to paper for a while. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have tried and tried to give up the paper list and calendar. I guess I am old school. Hmm, we need to discuss the big picture word. I'm thinking that you should try knitting Lolita or Vitamin D. I love that new pattern!