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10 favorite things to do outside.

…as I start this post, I’m honestly not sure I even have 10 favorite things to do outside, since I don’t consider myself much of an outdoors kind of girl. I don’t like to get dirty, or hot, and when you live in georgia, it’s hard to stay clean and cool outside! but as a I scroll through my blog and flickr images, I see a lot of outside. so here goes!

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1, 2, 3, 4. knit, eat, drink, visit with friends. (maybe getting to 10 isn’t going to be hard at all, is it?!)

5. walk in the park.

(and now I’m stuck…ok, more photos will help…)

6. find my shadow. and photograph it.

7. follow the changing seasons.

8. watch the birds (apparently I love cardinals – probably because it’s easy to spot that red).

9. enjoy “evening sunshine“.

10. photograph knitting, finished or unfinished or not even started, it all looks better outside!

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