Just Life

still smitten.

how it looks right now – desktop background from shanna murray

…it’s been 10 days since I got my macbook and yes, I am still smitten.

my favorite things:

  1. it wakes up faster than I do (as in “immediately”) no matter how long it’s been asleep and it goes right back to where we left off
  2. the icons on the dock (the strip of icons across the bottom of the desktop) jump up and down when you click them – I picture them like little kids jumping on the bed, excited to be playing
  3. the music quality from itunes or grooveshark is amazing. I don’t need to plug my ipod into the TV any more to get great sound
  4. the calendar and notes synch with my iphone. I may finally be able to get away from a paper calendar
  5. it’s fast
  6. it’s weighs a lot less than holly (she weighs 7-1/2 pounds) – in fact I’m thinking holly and the mac probably weigh less than the old laptop 🙂
  7. stuff just works

I used martha’s PC yesterday, and I knew I was converted when I

  1. tried to scroll the page with two fingers on her touchpad; and
  2. looked for the CMD key

So yeah, I’ve pretty much moved in and now it’s just a matter of getting settled. like getting used to the delete key being a backspace key. and not having to close out applications when you’re done using them (old habits die hard). I have decided to use iphoto for organizing my photos, but PSE for editing them (I’m a few days into my trial period with PSE9 and I signed up for Kim K’s class that starts later this month to learn the mac and v9). Most of my photos and a few of my documents from the old PC are still on the external hard drive. I’m not sure I need to take up space here to store them. I do need to find a backup solution – the latest costco coupons include a 750 gb external drive for $69.99 and I’m tempted. feedback on time machine (the built-in mac backup utility) is welcome….

many thanks to katie and sara and all of you mac-lovers who offered advice and support. I think we’re going to have a long term relationship!


  • Sara

    Yep, the whole touch pad feature is one of my favorite things about a my mac and also the one that seems to be the most functional! Why hadn't anyone ever thought of this before?

    p.s. same background. again

    glad you are enjoying your new mac. do you use Mail?

  • Honoré

    your love affair is beginning to sink into a corner of my brain and whisper, growing ever loud: "buy a Mac, buy a Mac." My laptop is 3+ years…is it time? when Chris comes home, maybe I'll play on hers…