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more on the wedding.

…yes, it’s still thursday and yes, this means I’m posting twice in one day! I couldn’t resist when I read kathy’s blog today; she posed ten questions that I thought it would be fun to answer…and pass along:

  1. Are any of you planning to watch the royal wedding  tomorrow? yes!
  2. What time are you getting up? 4 am (ET)
  3. Will you be watching alone, having a pajama party, meeting up with friends? I’ll be watching alone (with holly 🙂 for the live event, but then going to a wedding party later in the morning to watch it again. btw – I’m going to watch the today show version live, and I’m recording the BBC version.
  4. Are you having ‘tea and scones’ or just a bowl of cereal? coffee with the live viewing and a full-blown tea for the party (my contributions are maple-pecan scones, crudite with feta dip and champagne)
  5. What do you think her dress will look like? hummm…form fitting, with a long train, but not as long as diana’s
  6. What color will Kate’s mom be wearing? blue
  7. Guess how many hats we will see on the royal family. not sure who counts here as royal family, but I’m going to guess they’ll all be wearing hats. I’m planning to wear mine!
  8. Will William cry? no
  9. Will Kate stumble on her words as Diana did? no
  10. Which prince would you marry if you could? … a fun question but I can’t imagine myself marrying either of them. but if I “must”, then I’d pick william – he’s smart, fun, athletic and the older brother, which I think that means he’d be the more responsible one