Just Life


flowers from beth and the strawberry cake I was thinking about

listening: a new playlist, with the best of the best inspiration, thanks to the suggestions of many friends!

eating: strawberry cake

drinking: lady grey tea (with half a packet of splenda)

wearing: once in a blue moon (aka “cherry vanilla“)…just finished

feeling: thankful that I had a wonderful hour-plus long skype conversation with katie yesterday afternoon about haircuts, books, resumes, gin cocktails, travel plans…just catching up

weather: about 75 degrees, clear blue sunny skies. fabulous!

wanting: to finish this lovely alpaca silk cardigan for easter. still haven’t separated the sleeves (but I’m close), so this might be a stretch!

needing: one more trip to the grocery before we leave on wednesday – a roasted chicken and diet tonic (see gin cocktails above 🙂

thinking: I’ve stopped coloring my hair (for now?) and the gray that is coming in – rapidly now, it seems! – is a pretty silvery color… I hope it lasts

enjoying: my deck…all cleaned up!

wondering: which of my many(!!!!) hibernating projects I’ll revive to knit while I’m away…suggestions welcome!

*inspired by http://lifelovepaper.typepad.com/just_a_girl_who_likes_pap/


  • Lydia

    the current-currents is an excellent snapshot of what's going on. my suggestion on knitting are any shawlettes that are languishing-amazed at how fast most of them go. safe travels.

  • KatMcD

    I love the song list that you created. Can you load songs from grooveshark into your ipod? Clapotis wants to travel with you. Lots of prayers coming your way.