Just Life

10 things I love about my family.

us on christmas day, 2010

1. we have fun together…just being us.

2. separately we each have our own talents and abilities and together I think we can do just about anything.  (seriously, I can’t think of another three people I’d choose to be stranded on an island with – we’d not only survive, we’d get rescued)

3. everyone talks to everyone. I am so thankful for cell phones and text messages and especially skype – we choose to connect with each other individually, and we had a very cool four-way conference call for katie’s birthday back in january

4. shared memories of the past fifteen years (I’m only guessing sara doesn’t remember farther back than 1995….) – this makes us practically unbeatable in taboo!

5. our georgia tech tradition, now solidly three generations old!

6. everyone has a one syllable name/nickname. marc, mare (aka “mere”), kate, sare and holls. I don’t think it’s because we’re lazy, just comfortable with each other

7. the holiday traditions we’ve created…borrowing bits and pieces from marc’s and my childhoods, blending with new things that make it ours

8. we’re dog people

9. no one demands handknits, but they appreciate them

10. they know me…and they love me

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