Just Life

I loved today.

even though I
…cleaned for three hours.
…missed a meeting with our wachovia financial team.
…ate dinner by myself.

because I
…woke up at 4:40 am without an alarm (welcome back ME from the pacific time zone!!)
…walked dark early with vanessa and talked about books and bible study and play dates and who knows what else. it was dark. and early 🙂
…walked another mile in the park with holly.
…have clean sheets and a clean bathroom.
…wrote three postcards.
…babysat the at&t repairmen and hopefully got our uverse installation fixed for good.
…crossed off a few more items on my weekly to-do list.
…finished a wonderful book.
…took photos to share with katie.
…sat in on a bit of knit night – caught up with old and new friends, bought yarn for a lovely wrap, and knitted 🙂
…read blogs.
…have a shadow.

…but maybe, mostly, because I’m starting to feel a bit more like my former focused self. gearing up to finish february’s prompt and tackle march. on saturday. when it’s raining. loving that I’ll have a shadow, even if there’s no sunshine.


  • Lydia

    i too was up at 4:30, had a wonderful early morning walk, enjoyed knit night, and had dinner alone. other than leaving my access card at work it was a great day-i loved seeing the different projects everyone was working on.

  • Anonymous

    love the post! that is just one of the things that I love about you – how you find the beauty in every day!

  • Laurie

    What a wonderful, inspiring post! Even though I'm reading it on Saturday, it reminds me that every day can be a wonderful day. 🙂