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10 favorite non-knitting blogs.

…hummmm… I just realized that none of the blogs in my “daily reads” folder are knitting blogs. I used to have the Yarn Harlot there, but I moved her to “knitters” a while back. and I have “designers” and a folder for my knitting blogger friends. so I definitely read knitting blogs, but the blogs I turn to for inspiration aren’t about knitting. (and I wonder if maybe that’s because of ravelry and all the project sharing there?)

1. ali edwards – scrapbooker extraordinaire. inspiration galore. lovely handwriting.
2. culinary memoirs of a soulful college girl – sara’s blog. it always brightens my day to see a new post from her.
3. the sixth borougher – katie’s blog. ditto the day-brightener.
4. [i] love life. kal barteski lives in winnepeg and loves winter. and her husband, two dogs and three daughters. she’s an artist with a bulletproof attitude.
5. the sartorialist. fun peeks into cool lifestyles – and clothing – that are so very different from my own.
6. the pioneer woman cooks. sara just had me subscribe to her “lifestyle” blog, too. she’s hilarious. and she can cook, and take great photos, and write about it all.
7. bits&pieces. cathy zielske, another inspiring scrapbooker.
8. oh joy! pretty to look at. and she moved from philadelphia to LA about the time katie did. when she shares tidbits about her LA life, I feel a connection to katie….
9. a cup of jo. joanna goddard writes for glamour magazine. she lives in new york, married with a baby. and blogs about all kinds of things – a nice mix of personal and lifestyle and travel.
10. kim klassen cafe. gorgeous photographs. inspiring me to learn more about photoshop.

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