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10 favorite games from my childhood.

playing cards with my dad, originally blogged here

…what a fun topic! games were big in my family. we played a lot. and a few of us were pretty competitive about it 🙂

1. cards – from go fish when I was young to rummy and then hearts and spades when I was a teenager. my grandmother attempted to teach me bridge at least twice and sadly, I never got it. I have a terrible memory for the cards that have been played so it makes “strategy” hard.

2. candy land and chutes and ladders – favorite first board games. I loved the cards in candy land, especially the gum drops.

3. monopoly.

4. life – the newer versions aren’t nearly as much fun as the one I remember playing with the cars that had little holes for you to place the blue pegs for baby boys and the pink ones for girls.

5. yahtzee – I first remember playing this with my grandfather on a family vacation to the ozark mountains in arkansas when I was seven or eight.

6. cribbage – the different boards are so much fun.

7. twenty questions – still a favorite for car trips.

8. sorry.

9. parchesi – now I can’t even remember what this game was about. a board, pegs, cards maybe? but the name has stayed with me.

10. solitaire – I knew a lot of versions in addition to the traditional one with seven piles. there was a pyramid one and one where you laid out all 52 cards in four rows. that one took a lot of table or floorspace, because of course I played with real cards!

I’m short on time this morning, so apologize for the absence of links…but looking forward to checking out a few of my favorites on line to see if they still exist! this was fun – thanks, carole!

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