Just Life

instant gratification.

…the kind that comes from realizing a project’s completion in mere hours.

otherwise known as the marian cowl, knit in malabrigo rasta. I met this yarn for the first time on monday night and knew I had to knit with it. tuesday morning I did some research to post on the shop blog and found a perfect pattern (sorry, this link only works for ravelry users). I bought the yarn and yesterday, cast on 57 stitches, knit for a bit.

kind of a funny thing, I’d planned this to be a “wordless wednesday” post – but it took me over an hour this morning to figure out how to get the photo off my iphone!

and finished it. I think the total knitting time was around two hours.

yesterday, I figured out my plan for holiday knitting. and realized I wasn’t going to have much time over the next eight weeks for spur-of-the-moment projects. unless they only take two hours!