Just Life

this one gets better.

…this story begins (after a very long walk and five episodes of mad men) with a visit to twisted to see the never not knitting trunk show. I am a huge fan of alana’s designs and it was wonderful to see everything knit up and looking even better in person than I imagined.

and it gets better: sitting behind this display is sivia harding. yes, that sivia harding. turns out she works there. I bought two of her patterns and she signed them for me.

and it gets better: our next stop was the airport to pickup katie. and then back to francie’s for dinner.

and it gets better: we opened some wine, made dates stuffed with marcona almonds and blue cheese for a snack.

love it – those are katie’s hands in there 🙂

 and watched francie make her specialty fig pizza (she uses a baking stone, homemade crust topped with blue cheese, fresh figs marinated in balsamic, proscuitto and arugula – yes, it’s oh-my-fabulous!).

and it gets better: we ate and drank and talked and laughed.

I can’t wait to see how today’s story unfolds.