Just Life

girlfriend time.

…so happy I had a week filled with it. and have a few photos* to remember the good times.

the week started with lunch at bistro vg

as usual, sara had the shrimp & scallop salad and I had the pizza, but we had something new for dessert…delicious as always

and then we spent a few days at lake burton with virginia and lynn (and lynn’s husband robert – but of course we didn’t include him in our “girlfriend” photo!)

mary, virginia, lynn
it was a lovely break, full of knitting, talking, food, wine,
…and fabulous scenery.
robert drove us on a sunset boat ride
*I’m having a hard time lately with my photos – days go by without having any, even important days, like ones where we visit my parents… hoping I get out of that slump soon – too much important stuff is happening this month and I need photos!