progress photos.

…yes, as promised, photos. showing progress on the two projects I’ve started since my last knitting* post.

I did start the koigu linen scarf. good choice! it’s so much fun to see how the colors work up. maybe so much fun that I forget the rows are 450 stitches long. (maybe).

and today was the first day of orientation so I made pretty good progress on the socks. I think sara was a bit embarrassed I was knitting, but oh well. at least I didn’t fall asleep during that super-interesting just-after-lunch presentation on campus safety.

*sara gave me a hard time about my “knitting blog” this week. really??!! this is my 15th blog post since June 1 – and only the 8th one about knitting – and that’s generously including our last “at the kitchen table” post since I was knitting in the photo and alexandria sucked up three posts in less than a week, but that’s understandable right? so… what do you think? is this a “knitting blog”? (personally, I think of this as a blog about my life – and knitting isn’t really all of my life; it’s a big part, for sure, but definitely not the whole thing, right??)


  • Andrea

    I tend to view your blog as a blog about your life and knitting. Not just knitting, per se. I try to keep my blog topics only on knitting or crochet without discussing my life (which is probably best as some things you really wouldn't want to get me started on!).

    By the way, I may have said this in my last comment but I LOVE the yarn color for your new socks!

  • Lydia

    knitting-life::live-knitting hard to separate the 2. my KAL socks have travel up and down the streets of chicago, the art institute, the subway, and the street corner of e ohio and n wabash. and throughout the last few days of training. love portable projects! thanks for the update, the colors are lovely.

  • Anonymous

    Picot sock tops – still drooling over the colorway. Love them!! The Koigu looks beautiful, too.

    My blog name has knitting and gardening in there but, as you said, it's your life that's the real subject. I babble a lot and it's MINE. LOL!

  • Honore

    I like the mix and as Lydia sez: knitting/life::life/knitting…
    your two projects in progress are coming along quite nicely; I really like the Koigu.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the others … life and knitting. knitting and life. I know i go through stages of blogging more on one topic than another … love the colour of the yarn for the socks – gorgeous!