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(more) starbucks love.

…it’s no secret that I love love starbucks (and knitting! I do have a few starbucks photos without it, but even I was surprised how often I’ve photographed my knitting there!).

my gold customer card says I’ve been a loyal customer since 2003 (it’s actually more like 1995 or so, but I don’t think they had cards back then!). they’ve changed their loyalty program from offering discounts on every purchase to offering a free drink of your choice after 10 purchases. and yesterday I used my latest free drink coupon to treat myself to my favorite – grande, non-fat, triple shot, extra hot latte. how cool to get that $4.44 beverage for free!


  • Beth

    I love Starbucks, too, but not for the coffee. I love the atmosphere and usually I'm meeting someone and that's lots of fun.

  • Anonymous

    My love for Starbucks is well known. (Decaf, triple grande, vanilla, non-fat, light whip, mocha) I use my free drink cards for a Venti – a real treat. Same drink but iced in the Summer. Yum!