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creativity bootcamp.

…yes, I’m still in! I just uploaded my entry for day 4 (all of my entries are here) and am completely in love with this project.

and nearly a third of the way through, I wanted to document a few of my thoughts and learnings:

  • the daily prompt format – thoughts, journal prompt and random word prompt – has really jumpstarted my journaling and I love love having a word to focus my photos.
  • I spent a long time agonizing over the format (5×7 page, with 5×5 photo and journaling on the side) and almost changed to a simple 5×5 photo with the word/day, until I read the gracious comments on the first 3 pages I uploaded.
  • lack of time and talent are my two biggest creativity buzzkills. I am going to start spending an hour less on the internet each week – instead I want to use that time to learn how to use my camera.
  • I am good about noticing small details. I am pretty good about capturing those in a photo. I have a hard time capturing “the big picture” in a photo.
  • sara is my biggest fans. she’s asked me about this project daily and encouraged me to keep it up. I am so grateful for her support and ideas!


  • Anonymous

    lack of talent?! i think you are very talented! but good on you for wanting to learn more about your camera … and i love this for heavy metal, can't wait to see the rest of your set!