Just Life


…this started as a post simply to share the good news that I’ve WON an autographed copy of alana dakos’ (aka “never not knitting“) cosette wrap pattern from life on laffer. to say I’m excited is an understatement. I love the pattern. we’ve ordered madeline tosh for the shop. and I have a special skein of eyre for the border. oh my wow.

but this morning I agreed to an administrator for cast-on cottage’s very own facebook page. and this afternoon there was an email asking me to post about “being a fan” on the shop blog. and I realized I needed to actually be on facebook.  ninety minutes later…I’m on facebook. if you have any advice to share about how to not let this become a real timesuck (I knit, remember?!), please share. (and katie/sara, I promise not to friend you, unless you friend me first!). I’m not sure if this is good news, or bad news, so that’s why I’m simply sharing “news”.

our redbud is glorious. the rain today has cleared the air (it was a bit yellow before). the colors are clean and vibrant. this is great news, for sure.

I finished a sweater. from my perspective, great news, too. marc thinks he’s lost count of how many sweaters I’ve finished this year alone. (me too).

and last but not least (and no photo), the mailbox is safe. I collected the mail without seeing anyonething. this is fabulous news for sure!


  • Lydia

    so i've always known you were a winner- yea on the most recent one. and am THRILLED that CoC is gonna carry madeline tosh, having heard so much about it-and unfortunately facebook can be a REAL time suck, i'm off to friend you now. and then off to ravelry to check out the details on the latest sweater- that is as soon as i get caught up on my blog stalking!

  • Honore

    congrats on your winning and the sweater – love the self-portrait! and on becoming a facebook admin…i'll have to friend you, too tho' I'm not a big facebook user…yet, maybe.