why I love my scale.

…about halfway into the last repeat of the “body” lace section, I noticed that the ball of yarn was really starting to shrink. and by the time I started the border lace section I was officially worried about running out of yarn. (I even spent a few minutes on ravelry yesterday morning looking for patterns I could knit with nearly a full ball of the ruca, if I did indeed have to bite the bullet and buy a 3rd skein…and I did find a great pattern!) so out came the scale. and I weighed the remaining yarn at the end of every row. the border lace is 19 rows plus the bind-off. after row 1, I had 61 grams left and row 2 used another 3 – I figured at that rate, I’d probably need another skein by row 14 or so. but somehow, a miracle occurred. and I had a very small ball (which sara said was actually pretty big and why was I so worried?) – 13 grams – left over.

so now it’s blocking.
and I used this morning’s breakfast knitting time to start saroyan.


  • Lydia

    gorgous FO and UFO-my itty bitty ball of leftover RFT weighed in at 39 grams, and the whole sweater weighed in at 194g. happy gorgeous gorgeous friday (only bummer is my coffee pot had a coronary, so am JUST NOW getting my 3rd cup, but I'm leaving at noon, so all's good).

  • Honore

    the piece you just finished is great. looking fwd to seeing it on you.
    Saroyan looks like a fun project, too.
    looks like breakfast morning knitting is a wonderful new routine. Carry on!