this is it.

…yup, this is really what life is like around here. when we’re here. meaning not at the shop (or school). not walking in the park. not at tennis. not knitting with friends at starbucks. but here. at the kitchen table.

(click the photo to see the notes)

me knitting. sara reading food blogs. back up 12 hours or so and you would see a similar picture. except I’d be in my pjs (with coffee instead of wine). and sara would be eating oatmeal. I would still be knitting.

my monogamous knitting has officially been abandoned. I now have a “breakfast with sara” project.

this is my traveling along. pattern here. check out cast-on cottage’s first KAL!

and one more project that fits into the starbucks and other table knitting times.

this is my peasy. (like this).

sara has a tennis tournament on friday. not really good for lace. or for table knitting. I think it’s time to pick up socks again….


  • Lydia

    love the captured moment, and of course the projects-look like they are moving right along-yea socks-i've been thinking about getting back into those-but so far-just thinking!