Just Life


…a few people asked if friday still felt like friday, even now. and the answer is “oh yes!” maybe because marc goes to the office monday through friday and sara’s in school monday through friday – we still celebrate the weekends around here. (begging the question if once sara’s moved out and marc retires, then the weekend thing might change? guess we’ll see then).

taking stock of this past week, I can’t believe how … busy … it was. I was really only home on thursday (I cleaned) and I didn’t have nearly as much time to knit as I thought I would. and TGIF still matters.

celebrated in style with a few of my favorite ladies.

(click the photo to see who’s who)

and a few bites of oreo cheesecake (shared with lisa – a happy end to our lunch at northpoint diner).

happy weekend!!


  • Honore

    Love your label: "fridaying." Discounting the snow prep yesterday [Friday] it seems to me that there is a definite feel to Friday and "tgif" is still quite appropo. Maybe it's becuz the larger world is in the mode/mood.
    Enjoy the weekend and your class tomorrow.

  • Lydia

    gotta love fridays-the rockin' good tunes made the 1 1/2 hour commute in, and the easy ride home MUCH more better. despite the dreary gray day.