Just Life


it started falling about 2:00 yesterday afternoon.

I’m not sure when it stopped, but it was still coming down around 10:00 pm,

just before the US olympic team entered the stadium for the opening ceremonies.

(this is what I’m knitting with the lush yarn that I played with on thursday – colorway 4468, it’s a deep burnt orange in real life)

today it’s a winter wonderland.

…perfect for lots of coffee and knitting.


  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, thats so pretty!
    And I just cast on another scarf for the winter knitting olympics :o)Trying something new – not just garter stitch hehe. And a chunky knit, feels good to be doing something a little different :o)And, if I can finish it in time, I will be proud hehe

  • Honore

    What gorgeous photos, as is the snow when it's freshly fallen. Know that you're enjoying your winter interlude, especially with that yummy orange wool on your knitting needles. Happy Valentine's Day!