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…there have been lots of learnings these past 11 days, but one of the most surprising is about sleep. way back when I first started imagining post-retirement life, I knew I needed more sleep and looked forward to an extra half hour each day. later, I told everyone there was no way I’d be getting up “dark early” (i.e., a time before 5 a.m.) 

and the reality so far – I’m still getting up at the same time [during the week – weekends have always been for marc to wake up first and make the coffee] – but staying up much later. like I’m getting less sleep now. and – here’s the good part! – feeling better!

I just realized this today. and I’ve got a few theories about the reduced stress=better sleep time=less “real” sleep required for the same result. or maybe it’s just that I get into a neatly made bed each night. with a freshly ironed pillowcase* on my pillow.

to be honest, once I hit that pillow, I do fall asleep straightaway. which means that pile of books on the chair isn’t getting any smaller. but – really – I am loving the extra time I have while I’m awake!!

*only on the days I wash the sheets!

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  • Honore

    I too find that I get up at the same time pre-retirement and going to bed just as early~but awaking so much more rested and eager to get on with the day. Such possibilities.