knitting a-d-d.

…so really not my style – not that I’m a monogamous knitter by any stretch, but in my old life, the multiple projects were for knitting in different situations. like a sweater for home, a sock to travel, a scarf for conference calls, and something lace just for fun. I would work those projects simultaneously, in their “assigned” situations, and when I finished one, I’d start another. simple.

in my new life, I have a good bit of home time, no conference calls, no travel to speak of, many “coffee knitting with a friend” times. and classes to prepare for. and constant yarn and pattern inspiration.

I’ve stopped myself from casting on something new more than once in the past few days. (and from buying something new). but there is so much I want to knit.

I took stock this morning. two sweaters in process for class – the february lady sweater and liesl. really want to finish liesl before sunday’s class (to drum up interest in sign-ups). and need to get through the body and one sleeve started on the other to show the class how it comes together. these mitts – just 1-1/2 thumbs from being finished. more socks than I care to count. and my last conference call scarf. no lace. and my mental queue is growing. [and I realize I’ve gotten very behind with photo’ing projects – the sweaters and the scarf – they really are all in process!]
so I finished the mitts – 45 minutes, including the photo. and it is amazing how much better I feel!
I think this means I need to change my approach to knitting. not only what I knit, but how I tackle the projects. balancing the “just for me” ones with the “work” for classes. the sweaters with the accessories and the socks. the yarn I already have with the yarn I want to buy. another thing about retirement that’s surprised me. I knew the cast-on cottage work would keep me busy, but I had no idea it would change how I knit!


  • Lydia

    knitting add, i like that-i'm hoping some little elf will jump into my knitting bag"s" and finish some of those things that just d-r-a-g on!

  • Honore

    that siren is oh so tempting and now that we have unlimited – well almost – control of the clock, it's so easy to be lured. let me know as you uncover add'l secrets. the mitts are so cheerful.