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bookclub at shari’s.

…we discussed the help (kay’s pick from last month – the one I missed to go to hunt valley). the overwhelming consensus was first – we loved the book – and second – sadly, like so many others we’ve read with themes of racism – it’s still too much with us – not only here in the south, but everywhere.

we used this discussion guide and I think it did a great job to surface the bad, the ugly, the good and the really funny. none of us thought hilly was a great mother (question #2). you can’t be a bad person and be a good mother. and almost all of us admitted to something funny/stupid (question #8), mostly about hair!

we had a lot of fun posing for the photo

and kudos to shari for the food – and the tribute to minny’s cooking!

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  • Honore

    Sounds like you had a great discussion and time with your group. I'm not a fiction reader tho' I'm thinking about branching out. Have toyed with reading The Help and based on your post, think I will. Thanks for the encouragement.