and finally, there was knitting.

…I didn’t actually realize until monday was nearly over – the only knitting I’d done was to prepare for my beginner class (casting on, knitting and purling – the most basic of basics – wanting my technique to be, you know, copy-able) – I didn’t really knit at all on my first day of retirement. I did get to sell a bit of yarn, and wind a very long skein, and put out some new yarn (the really fun part was deciding how to arrange the twelve colors onto the three allotted shelves), and straighten some pretty yarn that had seen too much fun on the weekend.

and do a load of laundry, enjoy two laps around the park, cook dinner, teach that beginner class (the highlight for sure) and start the very long list of thank you notes from all the wonderful-ness that was last week.

but no knitting.

until this morning.

when I dropped off my car for service and drove that loaner right to starbucks for 45 minutes of uninterrupted, completely enjoyable (especially with the starbucks – topic for another post, but I’m having trouble weaning myself off that daily dose!), who cares if I take out my camera for a self-portrait, KNITTING time.

and then repeated the yarn, the laundry, the park, (sara cooked dinner while I did treasurer stuff), and MORE knitting.

I like this.


  • Honore

    Isn't it wonderful to enjoy your passions, however briefly? Your Monday was busy and congrats on your beginner class. A starbucks treat is always in order.

  • Nannette

    OK, you wanted comments, you've got them! I found you easily on Ravelry and now here I am. Damn, I sound like a stalker! Anyway, I'm sitting here with my perfect hair, brewing a cup of coffee and planning to knit all evening. Oh, and I'll be wearing my Snuggie – life is good.