Just Life

and another blog.

…yep, this makes three (and I’m hoping I can keep my blogger dashboard in order and not mess up what gets posted where!)

today, we launched the new blog at cast-on cottage. I am really excited about the opportunity to create more of an “on-line community” there. theresa and I have been brainstorming about this for a few months (meaning I’ve been cluttering her email in-box at all hours with ideas and inspirations) and now that I’m “retired” (or as I like to say “knitting professionally”), it’s time to make it happen.

…and in the spirit of that “no blog post without a photo” thing, here’s a bit more yarn p*rn to brighten your day!

this is the koigu kpppm – it’s a fingering weight (aka “sock yarn”) and has the prettiest colors. ever. really.

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  • Honore

    Two great events in your life this week and it's only Wed! Congratulations and I know you're thrilled about your daughter's TDY. Love your new title;it's great.
    Want some snow?