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project 365.

…big time mixed emotions about wrapping up this one .

having these daily views into my 2009 is beyond-any-word-I-know fabulous. whenever I need a quick pick-me-up, I go right to that folder and just scroll through it. reminds me how full this year has been. experiences abound, and the ordinary everyday can be beautiful. I have also learned a little bit about photography (bokeh? dof? cropping?) and am excited for 2010 to learn a bit more.

but I have decided to take a different approach for this year. no daily photos. wow! I may not take a photo today and it will be ok (not that I want this for today – it is the start of a new year, after all, or tomorrow when we have our family holiday gathering, but I am looking forward to that feeling for one day soon!). instead, katie & I are planning a weekly collaboration of photos and words (stay tuned – we’re still working out the details) and I am going to continue with the digital scrapbooking, photos included. I also want to learn more about my wonderful new camera – group shots (in restaurants and/or with me in them!) are first up on the list!

and on my list for 2010 is to document this project. inspired by the year of mornings, maybe a book? or maybe simply making layouts of the “related” photos (like this one). first step is to catalog what I have – at least I know there are six shots of that tree! – and hopefully that will help me decide a format.

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