Just Life

a lesson in irrelevance.

…I honestly thought I was better than this. I *make to do lists, work those to do items and check them off as I complete them, start new lists, and then repeat* forever. (and yes, sometimes I do transfer those last few trailing items from one tired list to a shiny new list, but that’s just to keep it fun).

so yesterday, when I cleaned out my bag and found this list, I was…surprised. and yes, a bit disappointed. I started using these particular lists after a very fun shopping spree in chicago last winter. so I know this list isn’t more than a year old. and yet. I have absolutely no idea what it’s about. I only know one sabrina (I met her last weekend). hoyt? and pasta, definitely familiar with pasta. but as a sub-heading for the unknown sabrina/hoyt? clueless.

and that is my lesson in irrelevance. there was obviously some moment – just in the past year! – where these words were important to me. I wrote them down. …and then forgot what they meant. they no longer matter to me. and I can only hope that whatever importance they conveyed at the time was realized.

I pasted this card into my journal this morning. the journaling talks about how fleeting most of those “most urgent” items are. and a note to self to make sure my future notes to self are easier to deciper. and the bright green items I added? today’s to-do’s. topped by ruby red (I’ve decided to finish it for my retirement party on january 28th – yikes!!!), calls to clients about my retirement (four down, two to go. a part of this process I really underestimated), getting our act together for cooking brunch at sue & david’s this weekend, and getting the last of my holiday photos into an album.

I’m off to knit….


  • Lydia

    you've definitely got me curious, maybe a google search will reveal something?! i love to do lists, and a great idea to put it in your journal to reflect on in the future.

  • Honore

    Ditto for me – putting those lists, from time to time in the journal is a great idea and way to document the everyday; obviously, they make great content for blog posts.

    I think one day "out-of-the blue," you'll recall 'sabrina + hoyt+pasta." The brain is funny that way.