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…something new for this year – a “real meal” for dinner instead of three hungry folks rummaging through the refrigerator and pantry and piling whatever looks good onto plates (minimal preparation – really, sara was the only one of the three who will take the time to cook or chop) and eating whenever.

so I am trying to get something prepared, with the goal that we sit down together at the table. marc is wanting “healthy” (means limited fat and carbohydrates) and sara isn’t eating meat. this week, that’s meant salad.

and last night I tried for a little “hot food” and roasted the last of our grape tomatoes and sauteed the last of our mushrooms. grated a bit of parmesan, mixed up a half recipe of ina’s caesar dressing and washed two heads of romaine. it was pretty good.

the photo a day habit is hard to lose! and I couldn’t resist the mushrooms while they were sizzling away. sara taught me that you don’t need to add anything else to the pan – just the mushrooms on a moderately high heat. (she’s right of course – sara has great advice about cooking!)

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