Just Life


…I have been so fortunate these past 10+ years to take off the entire two weeks for christmas and new years. but I only started taking off this “first monday” a year ago. and I’ve found that this day is the one that really gets me ready for the new year. all those beginnings need a few endings, items checked off my to-do list, and simply some space to feel right. like finishing the beginner scarf (it was off the needles blocking yesterday, and dry and picture ready today) so I’m ready for my first official knitting lesson tomorrow. and cleaning out both refrigerators (especially thankful it’s so cold outside our garage is like a refrigerator and nothing even got a little warm during the process) so I know what we have and am just a little inspired to make something other than snacks and sandwiches. oooh like a salad! laundry done (and hopefully will be put away before bedtime) and the last of the holiday photos are printed (and likely won’t be put into the album…but still…). bring on 2010!


  • Honore

    I love your idea of a Monday set aside in the new year to "begin." And the scarf is adorable; it looks warm and will come in quite handy. Where might I find the pattern?
    Hope you're staying warm,

  • Lydia

    time off after the holidays is wonderful, it's amazing what can be accomplished. glad you enjoyed it and i love the scarf. am thinking you need photos of all your past and present knitting students.