Just Life

a(nother) good mail day.

…yup, today was going to be the day. the first day since december 18, 2008 that I didn’t take a photo. yes, that would be breaking a 390 day streak. and now that I’ve done the research and added up the days, I’m just as glad it didn’t happen.

all because this lovely yarn arrived in today’s mail. I have a huge thing about getting good mail (see here, and here, and here and here – and here) so of course I had to take a picture. and share it.

it’s a retirement gift from my aunt & uncle who live in oregon. that pretty card says they’re friends with the owners of the farm where it comes from. wow. friends with people who make cashmere. wow.

p.s. the yarn came with a pattern for a really pretty scarf in a simple 2 row repeat lace pattern. but I think this might be calling out to be a cowl. like this one, perhaps?


  • Honore

    I'm so glad you decided against not taking photos anymore ~ or else, how would we have ever seen that wonderful yarn from your "good mail" day? I think a cowl scarf like Stephanie's would be smashing! Can't wait to see what you decide to do; guess that means another photo or two!