Just Life

lunch out and a quick look back (days 29 and 30).

…I smiled when I re-read my “once a year” things from 2007 – “lunch out. a lot.” this year is no exception. I think yesterday’s was number seven in 12 days (see what I mean by a lot?!) marc gave us a giftcard for the buckhead life restaurants and sara researched the menus on-line to pick pricci. excellent choice! and as usual, I enjoyed the company and conversation as much as (maybe even more than) the food.

and for today, I followed shimelle’s prompt and did a quick look back to 2009. much harder to do with photos than the words-only view from 2007. but I guess that’s a good problem to have. looking back through the thousands of photos to select just 12 took a while. and I enjoyed every minute of it!