Just Life

day 8.

…seems like the weather is being especially uncooperative for december journaling this year. day 8 is the day to capture “signs of the season” and it’s hard to take good photos when it rains. I snapped about a dozen throughout the day, pretty sure it would be a lost cause. you can imagine my surprise when I downloaded the photos this morning and had more than enough!

ali edwards’ december daily vol 2 and 31 days circle number, katie pertiet’s krafty christmas paper and mindy terasawa’s I believe solids paper (all designer digitals)

p.s. the homecooked dinner was pumpkin risotto, very loosely based on a butternut squash risotto that rachel ray prepared on her 6pm show. it was really good – I took photos…planning another blog post soon to tell you about it!


  • Lydia

    we need to make a date for you to show me how to get those nighttime shots. i love twinkling lights. think you could convince steve to put lights on our house JUST ONCE?!
    i so want a clark griswold illuminated house (okay, maybe not that many, say half!)

  • Anonymous

    Love all those photos Mary – its nice to download photos from the camera and being pleasantly surprised isn't it!? :o)