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day 13.

…really a recap of day 12, but I already had a day 12, and I had time to pull together the layout on day 13. katie will be so glad – I finally unpacked the box with my new camera, charged the battery, put on the lens and took some pictures. and then later, I even had time to browse the multiple manuals and play with the settings. all I can say is “wow”.

yes, I need lots of practice (I know even my two very patient daughters won’t stand for too much of “um, would you please hold that pose for 5 minutes while I find the suggested settings in the manual and then adjust my settings to match”) but even the bad shots aren’t really all that bad. and the good ones are going to be awesome.

ali edwards’ december daily template and 31 circle days number and katie pertiet’s free paper from this morning’s daily digitals’ newsletter (which I recolored to match the shadows on the “love” card in the center bottom photo – have you figured out yet how much I am LOVING digital scrapbooking!!)

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