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the season begins.

320/365 – holly
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…not with a decorated tree (that comes in my house next friday), or even with a delicious thanksgiving meal in recent memory (that, too, comes next friday, or if I’m being really precise, about bedtime on thursday).

no, for me, the season really begins today. with xm radio starting their “holly” and “traditions” broadcasts and starbucks brewing their christmas blend. of course, the stores and malls have been decorated for weeks, and we’ve already noticed a number of holiday-themed commercials on tv. I did check my journal to see when the xm music started last year…and maybe I got it wrong, but my journal says november 12. hummm – I was pleasantly surprised it was just a bit later this year!

you know it flies by… you might as well enjoy as much of it as you can! (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!)