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scouting knitwear.

315/365 – scouting knitwear
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…I had coffee with my friend shari a few weeks ago and she mentioned wanting to knit a scarf for her son’s girlfriend for christmas (wow, wishing my girls that kind of boyfriend mom, for sure!).

I was at the mall today – first time in ages – and saw a lot of knitwear. this scarf seemed to be just what shari was thinking.

I had suggested something more like this. and maybe it’s just because atlanta really isn’t new york, I didn’t see anything like this anywhere (but I still LOVE it!)

I did see a few ruffle-y scarves at ann taylor, making me think this one should definitely move further up in my queue! …ooohhh and when I visited cosmicpluto’s blog to find the link – I saw she’s thinking about a knitted dress. saw LOTS of them today too 🙂

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