Just Life

only 69 days left.

…in 2009 – time for another check-in on my goals.

For DONE!, I’ve run/walked 661 miles, learned enough french to navigate paris, finished 14 knitting projects, documented three trips and helped katie move to nyc. I really undershot the mileage and the knitting and will have to adjust my expectations for next year!

For on track!, I’m 297 days into photo 365 and still going (not sure if I’m still going strong, most days it’s just “going”), well into my job transition, about done nagging sara about her georgia tech application (it’s due november 1 and she reports it’s almost ready), and – I modified toe-up socks to be one-piece sweaters – making good progress on learning different techniques to avoid seaming sweater pieces. I’ve made four top-down sweaters and am working through my first bottom-up. I think I’ll be “done” after that fifth sweater.

…and then there’s jane austen. sadly, I haven’t read even one book. and I’m not going to count watching two versions of pride & prejudice on DVD, right? I still do want to do this, but admitting it might be next year. we’ll see….


  • Sara

    Didn't I ask you whether you wanted to read Pride & Prejudice with me while I was reading it? If I had known it was one of your goals for 2009 I would have pestered you more.

  • Lydia

    always nice to look back to see what you've accomplished. top down sweaters totally rock-i can't believe i've done 4 sweaters this year, i think it's due to the creative minds we have in the knitting world.